What is Collaborative Operations Software?

            A Collaborative Operations Software is designed to simplify operations management. Whether it’s performing a routine inspection or responding to an online work order for a broken window, operations software helps companies schedule, track and keep a record of all maintenance and repair activities that occur at a location.

            Operations software may be used by any organization that maintains and repairs equipment, assets and property. Some solutions focus on particular industry sectors (e.g. the maintenance of health care facilities and universities). Other products aim to serve a specific grouping of companies that provide maintenance services (e.g. landscape and janitorial companies).

            Different solutions offer different types of features and capabilities. The best solution is one that allow users to effectively manage resources while introducing time-saving features that lead to improved organization, better management, and ultimately reduced costs and increased profits.

            A Collaborative Operations software is typically administered by a manager, with maintenance personnel and vendors logging in to the system to access their service requests and document work as it’s completed. Senior management teams also use Collaborative Operations Software to generate reports, roll up maintenance costs into their financial reporting systems, track incidents, measure productivity, and ensure compliance.

            Operations software can be either cloud-based or on-premise. Cloud-based Collaborative Operations Software is hosted on an outside server by the company selling the product, while on-premise Collaborative Operations Software is hosted on the server of the company buying the software. Read Advantages of Cloud-based Software to learn more.

            Updated: 02 Jul 2018 03:36 PM
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