What is a Work Order?

            Effective maintenance and repair management involves performing routine work to keep equipment, machinery, building infrastructure and supporting utilities in working order. Everything from replacing hard-to-reach lighting to repairing broken equipment to trimming the trees requires a work order to authorize work.

            While the term work order is commonly associated with maintenance functions, they are also referred to as job orders, work requests, service requests, and shop orders. Regardless of what they are called from industry to industry, the idea remains the same — creating a work order is the first step in the process of completing a task. They act as a contract used to clarify and authorize the work that needs to be done, identify the people involved, and establish timelines and expectations.

            What used to be a manual process is now accomplished online with work order software. Online work orders live in the cloud, offering field teams and their managers a way to keep track of project information such as pictures taken on site, documents, and service manuals.

            Online work order software isn’t just for large companies. Even small businesses that are still handwriting or manually typing work orders can trade the paper processes, hours on the phone and the duplicate documents for faster services and lower operational costs.

            To learn more about managing online work orders, check out What is Online Work Order Management.
            Updated: 05 Jun 2017 10:13 PM
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