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            What is a Coordinator?

            There are two functional roles associated with Action Items — Assignees and Coordinators.

            Action Item Coordinators are responsible for the quality and integrity of the action item management process. In large companies, the Coordinator's responsibilities usually involve planning and oversight. While, in small companies the Coordinator might also function as the Assignee who performs the tasks. With Common Areas, the functional roles of Coordinator or Assignee can be assigned to individual action items, so companies can choose how to apply these roles in their organization.

            Coordinator activities and responsibilities may include the following:
            • Planning the task schedule
            • Establishing timelines and expectations
            • Assigning and reassigning action items
            • Approving estimates and authorizing work
            • Receiving status updates
            • Providing information and responding to any questions the Assignee may have to complete their task
            • Reviewing all completed tasks
            • Approving that the task got done to satisfaction

            NOTE: The roles of Coordinator and Assignee are not limited to job titles and can be used by anyone at anytime. The roles are meant to simply identify who is requesting work (Coordinator) and who is doing the work or providing the service (Assignee).
            Updated: 06 Jun 2017 07:45 PM
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