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            What is an Assignee?

            There are two functional roles associated with Action Items — Assignees and Coordinators.

            Action Item Assignees are responsible for planning and implementing tasks assigned with an action item. They may be on-site technicians or third-party service providers that are responsible for maintaining and repairing properties and facilities, however it could be anyone who has been assigned a task. The Coordinator might be working actively on the action item, or coordinating the efforts of other groups or individuals working on tasks. They have the ability to set the date by which they intend the work will be done, the price and also have the ability to decline tasks if they so choose.

            Assignee activities and responsibilities may include the following:
            • Gathering appropriate information based on the action item assigned
            • Providing status updates to Coordinators on request
            • Plan the task schedule
            • Executing the tasks that make up an action item
            • Reporting when tasks are completed

            NOTE: The roles of Coordinator and Assignee are not limited to job titles and can be used by anyone at anytime. The roles are meant to simply identify who is requesting work (Coordinator) and who is doing the work or providing the service (Assignee).
            Updated: 06 Jun 2017 07:49 PM
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