What is Online Work Order Management?

            Scheduling and dispatching work orders over the Internet is a key to increasing the efficiency of maintenance or repair operations. Online work order management allows manages and field teams to trade the time consuming paper processes for faster services and lower operational costs.

            By using an online work order management system, managers can streamlines and automate approval routing, project tracking and reporting, while instantly communicating important information about a task or a short-term project to all individuals and teams involved.

            Common Areas allows users to easily create, maintain and manage the important data contained in work orders. When used with our Mobile Management App, work orders can be shared and viewed by workers in the field on their mobile devices. This increased access lets field-based teams know exactly what’s required to successfully execute and close the work order without having to run back to a computer terminal.

            Benefits of online work order management include:

            Increased Productivity
            Create work orders from the office or on the fly in the field, and easily keep track of teams and tasks in real-time.

            Save Time & Money
            Eliminate the time consuming paper processes and focus on additional business development tasks.

            Stay Organized
            Eliminate paper filing cabinets and misplaced work orders. Digital solutions automatically store all jobs and corresponding files in a database that is searchable online 24/7.

            Eliminate Errors
            Avoid duplicate work orders and ensure accuracy with one single system of record that keeps everyone on the same page.

            Better Communication
            Easily send and receive real-time notifications and alerts when work orders are created, updated, or when priorities change.

            Not all work orders are created equal. The term work order has numerous meanings and a wide variety of applications. To learn more about Common Areas’ unique brand of online work order, check out What is a Work Order.
            Updated: 05 Jun 2017 10:10 PM
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