Step 7: Sharing Action Items

            Sharing an action item is the fastest way to assign work and keep project stakeholders informed of status updates. Adding shared user(s) is similar to copying someone on an email — it lets the individual(s) follow the status of the action item and contribute project details. Note: Once an action item is shared with someone, that person cannot be removed from the action item by you or anyone else. 

            There are two ways to add shared user(s) to an action item. The first way is to add the shared user(s) at the time the action item is created. The second way is to add the shared user(s) to an existing action item. Follow the steps below to share an action item with a shared user:

            Add Shared User During the Creation of an Action Item

            1. Login to your account from either your desktop computer or mobile device

            2. From your home screen select the green + button and select the New Action Item Button

            3. Once you click the New Action Item button, you'll be taken to the New Action Item Details page

            4. Click the Contributors tab in the Action Items Details page

            5. Click on the Add Contributor text box to reveal your list of contacts

            6. Select the name of the person that you wish to share the Action Item with. If the person you are looking for is not listed, you must enter him/her into the system

            7. Click the green + button next to Add to reveal the New Contact Set-up for

            8. Complete the New Contact Setup form and click the Send button

            9. Once the Save button is clicked the new contact will be added to the Add Contributor field

            10. Click Save to include the contact to the action item as a Contributor

            11. Click Details button to return to the New Action Item Details page

            12. Fill our the New Action Item Details page and click Save. See Creating Action Items for detailed instructions

            13. Click the Save button to activate the action item and notify the person assigned and all Shared Users associated with the action item

            Add Shared User to an Existing Action Item

            Updated: 10 Jul 2018 12:35 PM
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