Step 2: Adding Locations

            At the heart of Common Areas’ software is the idea of managing maintenance and repair teams across one or more locations. A location can be any geographic area that you choose. For example, you can create a location for a property or facility that you manage, a job site that your team is working at, a business that you own, or even a city that you govern. Follow the steps below to create a new Location:

            1. Login to your account from either your desktop computer or mobile devise

            2. Simply scroll around the map and click and briefly hold on the spot you would like to mark as your location and click the accept button. Handy Hint: If the location pin is not in the right place based on the search results, you can drag it to the correct location prior to clicking the accept button

            3. You may also create a new location from your home screen by selecting the + button and select New Location

            4. Enter the address or name of the location and click accept. Handy Hint: If the search results come back with the incorrect address, you can insert the corrected address on the second screen of the location setup page

            5. Once you click accept, you'll be taken to the Location Setup page where you can edit the location information, assign a location type, and add it to groups 
            6. Enter the name of your location and verify the address

            7. Click the Select a Location Type box to reveal a preset list of location types. Choose from the list or create a custom type by entering the name into the field and clicking the Add New button. Handy Hint: Assigning a location type will help you categorize and label your locations for hassle-free searches down the road

            8. Click the Add to Group(s) box to assign the location to one or more groups. Handy Hint: A group represent a collection of users that have permission to view, create, assign, or reassign action items associated with a location. Groups are only available for users who subscribe of the Company Membership. See Creating Groups for detailed instructions

            9. Drag-and-drop an image file on the specified area to set the location’s photo, or click the box to locate a file on your computer

            10. Click the Accept button to save the location. Congratulations, you just created your first location!

            Updated: 26 Oct 2017 02:48 PM
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