Security Footer Message in Common Areas Emails

            The emails sent to you from Common Areas include a security feature in the footer of the email that includes your name, email address and your job title*.  This information is there to help you distinguish authentic Common Areas emails from "phishing" email messages. "Phishing" emails often look a lot like the real ones, but most of the time they won't have the personalized information that you or some you know has entered into Common Areas.

            The phishing emails often link to a malicious sites where they will likely try to sell you something or try and gain access to your personal information.

            While we do our best to give you that added level of security, our security footer alone will not always guarantee that an email is legitimate. So when in doubt, open a new browser window and login directly to Common Areas and check your notifications to see if was truly a message that originated from someone in Common Areas. If you suspect that you have received a "phishing" email impersonating Common Areas, please forward the entire email to

            *This is for existing members that have entered a Job Title in their user profile settings.
            Updated: 06 Jun 2017 02:06 PM
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