How Do I Personalize Common Areas to Match My Brand?

            You can customize the Common Areas website to match your company brand under the Branding page through the Client Admin. Here you can brand the website and send emails with your company logo, as well as customize the color scheme of your website. 

            Access Client Admin
            1. Make sure you have administrator rights through the company account
            2. To access the Client Admin, click the User Thumbnail and then Admin Console
            1. Under Account Management click Branding
            2. Click Upload Email Logo and choose an image file 100px by 100px or less. Now all future emails sent from Common Areas will bear your company logo!
            3. Click Upload Login Logo and choose an image file 400px by 200px or less. Now users logging into your account will see your company logo!
            4. Scroll through the preset color schemes and click Select under any one of them to change the color profile of your website!

            Updated: 04 Jun 2017 01:29 PM
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