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            How Do I Add Comments to an Action Item?

            You can add comments to an action item in two ways. You can add them through the Action Item Comments page and you can add them to multiple action items at once through the Batch Edit feature on the Grid View page.

            Commenting on an Individual Action Item
            1. To reach the Action Item Comments page, navigate to the Action Item Details page of the action item you wish to post a comment to. For more information on how to locate the Action Item Details page, see How Do I Edit an Action Item?
            2. From the Action Item Details page, click on the downward arrow to view the Tabs dropdown. Select Comments from the dropdown to navigate to the Action Item Comments page.
            3. On the Comments page, simply type your comment into the text box
            4. Click Post when you are satisfied with what you written.

            Commenting on Multiple Action Items
            1. In order to add a comment to multiple action items simultaneously, navigate to the Grid View page by clicking the Grid Icon button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
            2. Once in the Grid View, select an action item by clicking on the check box next to it (or click anywhere in the region near the title of the action item). This will automatically open the Batch Edit window.
            3. Select all the action items you wish to add a comment to 
            4. Click on the Comment text box and input your comment
            5. Click Save when you are satisfied with what you have written.

            Updated: 08 Jun 2017 07:50 PM
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